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fixed the GUI to be more intuitive, some settings and stuff changed places but it should be easier to understand for users.


Orca unlocker has been released New and way better prices have been released After release, I made an file to be placed into the /scripts/ folder of the OrcaUnleashed. This will allow the relogging to work. unlike ewt, it is required you fill out all...


some complaining about not having free profiles for 1-60 so I’m gonna release some profiles for you all but here is a warning regarding them:  just to show you for example ill throw some profiles together and put them out free for 1-60, however, they...


added warden blocker for active ewt instructions about using it with active EWT: launch wow with active EWT, go to general settings, go to bottom, press disable warden ***WARNING*** Do not enable this option if not using ACTIVE EWT. This will disable Warden when using...


if bot is enabled or slave mode is enabled now the bot will skip all type of vendor gossip including innkeepers / etc.


The bot is now no longer loaded by wow addons folder. You should not use the old bot addon anymore and instead just unzip this zip into your EWT Folder If you want bindings (found in esc >...


added option in general for melee this will make it so the melee attempts to (when not targeted by your target) to move to behind that unit. it is most useful for follower bot 


added editboxes for food name , drink name, mount item, and mount spell. if you fill these in it will override the bot, if you dont, the bot will just guess what stuff to use (as normal)
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