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Introducing Orca WoW Classic Bot

Orca Unleashed WoW Vanilla Addon

Eclipsing the WoW Botting scene for all versions with our included Orca LUA Unlocker, we have combined simplicity & intricate coding to bundle the easiest automation solution for WoW. EWT Compatible as well.

Flawless WoW Classic Bot from 1-60

We provide the easiest solution to botting in World of Warcraft on retail & Classic. With an ease of providing you all downloads & setup from one development team providing uninterrupted botting along with always safe updates.

Warden Disabler

We aim to provide the safest botting solution by keeping a tripwire in place of warden updates & also even providing randomizing addon names along with disabling warden altogether.

Orca WoW Community

See all latest updates along with other user recommendations and botting success with our forum and chat servers for real time support. With multiple developers assisting around the clock.

Classic WoW Fishing Bot

Being the successor of the WoW botting industry was not overnight, while we maintain this position we make sure to cover all the latest trends in botting. Even our questionable Black Lotus Teleport Farming Bot that can rake in upwards of 1500 gold per hour. This showcases our capabilities to some of the milestones we make.

The WoW Classic Bot

Always updated & always giving ours users the advantage to maintain the level of gamplay they look to achieve.

With Security in Mind

While preventing software detection bans, we ask you to follow our suggestions on player behavior to bot on a primary account.

Orca WoW Vanilla Addon Features

With an arsenal of automation functions in the press of a button. Orca wow vanilla addon can level, farm, quest, & even utilize Smart BG movements to rake in max honor.

Fully Afk Functionality

Run as many sessions as your computer can handle, or level in the background while attending to work or using your desktop for other games simultatenously.

Party Mode

With the “Slave/Master” System you can have your own party of vanilla wow bots leveling via dungeons or playing during raids and set roles for each as DPS/Support/Healer.

Auto Relogger

No stressing about random disconnects, we provide the option to relog your character at any time you get disconnected.

Push Notifications

Whisper Tool Integration wow vanilla addon provides you with alerts & the functionality of getting push notification on alerts.

All Classes Full 1-60

With support of both factions, 1 to 60 is done effortlessly with auto training, repair, reviving, ammo/consumable purchasing & more.

Auto Vendor Interaction

Don’t let your lack of bag space get in the way of piling in gold with the included option to mail off items and gold to a designated character to manage the auction house.

With the Orca LUA Unlocker Bundled into one download we also do support the use of EWT Unlocker as well to run Orca WoW Vanilla Addon. Not even EWT or LUABox can match our price of our unlocker that is included.

WoW Orca Changelog & Updates

Get all latest updates regarding WoW Orca right from our blog or social media.


issue is fix about bot not navigating in water on orca unlock


fixed the GUI to be more intuitive, some settings and stuff changed places but it should be easier to understand for users.


Orca unlocker has been released New and way better prices have been released After release, I made an file to be placed into the /scripts/ folder of the OrcaUnleashed. This will allow the relogging to work. unlike ewt, it is required you fill out all...

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